Dear Readers,

Im really looking forward to the two books that are about to come out. The heroine of one is the grand daughter of the heroine of the other, and in many ways the stories are entwined.

English readers can buy both stories in the Diamonds Are Forever duet them in a dual volume, A WINTER PROPOSAL, and HIS DIAMOND BRIDE, out in January.

In the States theyre coming out separately, A MISTLETOE PROPOSAL in December and HIS DIAMOND BRIDE in January.

(Despite the slightly different titles MISTLETOE and WINTER are the same book).

In PROPOSAL the heroine is Pippa, who is amazingly beautiful. She can have any man she wants, but she doesnt want any of them. Not since her heart was broken. Now she concentrates on her career as a lawyer.

The hero, Roscoe Havering, takes one look at her and knows shes the woman who can solve the problem he has with his younger brother Charlie, whos been getting into bad company. Roscoe hires her as Charlies lawyer, hoping that her beauty will also beguile him into falling for her, thus luring him away from his unsuitable companions.

But it doesnt work out quite like that.

The dominant influence in Pippas life has been Dee, her grandmother, whose own love story with a dare-devil World War II pilot still haunts her. That story is told in HIS DIAMOND BRIDE, when we look back at Dee through Pippas eyes, and come to understand them both.

In the end it is Dees influence that helps Pippa find happiness with Roscoe.

In other news three of my Rinucci Brothers stories have been re-released in the UK by special request. You can find paperback and eBook versions at the Mills and Boon website.

On December the 8th I shall soon be dropping in at Donna Alward’s blog and later this month at CataRomance. Hope to see you there!