Writing is my craft and romance is my beat. It can be found in every corner of life, even the most practical. Recently, I envisioned busy parents with screaming offspring trying to find the time to be together, without all the obligations of family life. How can they stimulate the relationship if they are burdened with responsibilities? I know you can relate.

Every couple needs quiet time to embrace and express their love, even if it is of short duration. Here are some of my best ideas:

• Dine together as much as possible, even with the kids. Maybe they will be so busy eating that you can talk a bit about your day. Give the little ones something to distract them during the meal. If you have more than one child, hopefully they will enter into their own “conversation.”

Music is magic for relationships. Most couples have a favorite song or two with which they can identify the first time they met or realized that they were in love. Play it at strategic times when the kids are in bed.

• Go on a mini-vacation and leave the kids with grandma or Aunt sue. Getting out of the house is the best way to warm up a stale relationship that is saturated in changing diapers or feeding the brood.

• Try new things together as you can. Some things only take a few minutes. Share some stories, photos, emails or reading material. You are adults as well as parents, so don’t neglect that aspect of your lives.

• Romance is in the little things: a bit of candy or a small bouquet. Bring home something for your spouse to show you care. Of course, never forget birthdays and your anniversary.

I am saving my best idea for last: a couple’s shower at night. In fact, “Love in the Shower” is a great title for a romance novel. It can’t happen in the morning when you are both super busy getting ready to rush off to work or cook breakfast. Make it special after the kids are in bed.

There is something about water that is sexy and relaxing. Be sure your hot water tank is not on the fritz. If it is a recurrent problem, get a tankless model for reliable output each and every time. These moments are rare and you don’t want a tank malfunction to spoil the magic. There is nothing worse that running of hot water, causing the love time to run out of steam. Check your unit often to ensure safety, security and, above all, performance. Shower time can be exciting and something to look forward to all day!